A Good Starts Creates A Long Road Ahead

Hey, it’s good to be back writing for the great Sabrenoise blog. I took a pretty lengthy sabbatical due to taking a new job several hundred miles away from Buffalo in Charlotte, NC; however, my fanaticism has not waned since the move.

Fortunately I’ve been able to sit down and watch the games and I’ve seen some stuff I really like. No doubt the Sabres have struggled in their own end, but with the addition of some veteran defensemen the mistakes have been easily quelled. Now, with the fast starts, there are no doubts that the Sabres have a bulls-eye on them. Teams will be gunning to slow down the fast start of the Sabres. The greatest difference is that the Sabres are no longer the young up-start team that they once were. 

I don’t see the Sabres mucking up their nice start, but the season is 82 games long, as you know. Were expecting great things from this team and we should– the money spent looks as if it is paying off nicely. It’s a long season and injuries happen, so don’t expect the high caliber play every night. We saw that the Sabres do still struggle against aggressive teams during the Montreal game, but fortunately Ryan Miller stood on his head and carried them through with a win.

I seem to be circling my point. Simply enough, we have high expectations, but it’s only 6 games into the season. Don’t lose faith if things do slow down because ultimately, I think the Sabres will weather the long season ahead of them well.

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