Post Game Notes - Florida Panthers

I really don’t even have the words to describe whats going through my head right now.  The Buffalo Sabres play another weak home game, and walk away with another loss.  Dave has brought to life the Knee-Jerk Reaction to each game….and here is my initial reaction:

  • At the end of the day, you have to do three things to opponents while you are playing them in the National Hockey League.  1)  Respect all opponents.  Even the bottom feader teams are professionals in the same league – they are capable of beating you on any night.  2)  Dont let bad bounces or calls against you take control of your momentum.  3)  When you step on the throat of an opponent, don’t let up. 
  • Don’t think that my first statement was a slam to the Florida Panthers.  They are not a bottom feeder team, they are an upcoming team that demands respect.  They are not going to make waves and win divisions right yet, but they will challenge for a playoff spot and should never be given the chance. 

 Sturm is definitely going to hear from the league on that hit.  If the league does nothing, it just further proves that there is a problem with the system.  Thank the hockey gods that Jordan Leopold is ok. 

Nathan Gerbe should throat punch the ref after the game.  Really a two minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty…guys blow refs off all call them out all the time.  Only time refs make that call is when they forget that they are paid employees…and get upset that they are not good enough to play the game themselves.  Aweful call…and a tough one for Buffalo Sabres fans to swallow. 

Did I mention the question of why Mike Weber is still sitting out?  Lindy Ruff had to have caught him hitting on his wife or slapping one of his kids.  The kid was on the team last year, and no one on the defensive corp right now has played well enough not to deserve sitting in the press box as the odd man out. 

The team as a whole continues to look for that cute perfect play instead of taking the puck to the net, putting your head down, and driving towards the goal.  We are going to continue to see the drop in the standings until we can figure that out.  

How does Thomas Vanek not get a penalty shot?  Tonight it wasn’t as obvious as the other night…but twice he would have been one on one with the goalie and loses the chance to a hook. 

The Matt Ellis call – there was a kicking motion.  It was delayed after the puck hit his skate, but he fully intended to kick that puck, and he was looking down at his feet to see what he was doing. 

That play didn’t beat the Buffalo Sabres.  The Buffalo Sabres beat the Buffalo Sabres.  The Florida Panthers did not quit and beat the Buffalo Sabres. 

Games over.  Notes have been made.  You have a couple of days before you take on the Philadelphia Flyers, who rebounded huge after their 17 goal game against Winnipeg.

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