Ruff Concerned With Hecht's health, But Are Fans?

The title may sound harsher than it should, but it’s a good question. Today, Lindy Ruff discussed Hecht’s status and for the first time he sounded legitimately concerned for his health. Personally, I’m a fan of Jochen’s, but he has caught a lot of flack from Sabres-nation the past couple of years. Hecht has seen a decline in offensive production and has been used primarily as a defensive specialist.

Now returning to my question, the team seems to have a pretty set roster, so who do you replace? It’s obvious that Luke Adam won’t be losing his spot anytime soon and they’re paying Ville Leino far too much money for him to sit the bench; therefore it leaves the two 4th line wingers– McCormick and Kaleta.

Hecht does have more of an offensive upside than the two, but you takeaway the fourth line’s toughness and McCormick and Kaleta have become fan favorites because of their electrifying play.

Of course we aren’t heartless, so we’re concerned for Hecht’s health, but I don’t know if I’m too concerned about his status with the team, are you? You’d be hard-pressed to find a fan who would prefer Hecht in the lineup over the other forwards. It’s unfortunate because I really am a Hecht fan, but unless you can promise me he could still bury 15 this season, then I’m okay with him taking his time getting back on the ice. Also, as I’ve said before, fans have been calling for Hecht’s head, so this time around his days may actually be numbered here in Buffalo.

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