Will the real Ryan Miller please stand up?

Well, the funny thing is I was going to write an article comparing Ryan Miller to the goaltender Jim Carey. If you don’t know who Jim Carey is, I conveniently linked his wikipedia page to explain in further detail, but the long and short of it is that Jim Carey was once the best goaltender in the league in the late 90s, but for some unexplained reason he just fell apart. I remember watching him with befuddlement because he was lights-out one season, but the next season he struggled mightily and could never recover.

Now, that was a lot of preface for an article that seems kind of ill-written after Ryan Miller played a stellar game the night before; however, I do still want to continue with the comparison. Sure, the train hasn’t completely came off the tracks for Miller. Miller has been hot and cold, but Miller in the past has been a lot more hot than cold. I don’t think his fall has been anywhere near that of Carey, but I must say seeing a goalie like Miller who was once touted as the best in the game play so inconsistently is painful to watch.

Granted, goaltenders in the NHL have very strange lifespans. Some goaltenders have short lifespans where they have a few seasons as a solid starter, but quickly fade back into the shadows. You also have goaltenders who have long storied careers and are just as good at 35 as they were at 25. My personal favorite, however, is the goalie that finds his game later in life and two goalies I can think of off the top of my head is Dwayne Roloson and Tim Thomas.

The funny thing is Ryan Miller doesn’t really fit into any of those categories. He’s been a solid starter for a number of years and truthfully, I think Miller will still bounce back; however, it’s good to know that if the Sabres’ franchise goalie can’t find his game, a young, eager Enroth is ready to take the reign.

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