'Twas The Night Before Christmas (in Hockey Heaven)



Twas the night before Christmas, Hockey Heaven was dark,

Sabres fans hope for a trade, to ignite such a spark.

Their team keeps on losing, falling farther below,

(Boy, do I really think Derek Roy has to go).

Hot out of the gate, when the first injury struck,

Then one after another, we had only bad luck.

Rochester sent us some rookies, Brayden and Zack,

They play their asses off, while some veterans slack.


Went through “Chewie” and TJ… Whitmore, Finley and Tropp,

after watching Jochen, Boyes, Myers and Leino all drop.

The year is nearly half over, we stand one below ten,

Do we have to hope for a late season miracle again?


They can’t win any at home, the arena’s gone stale,

They blow lead after lead because their psyche is frail.

Almost expecting to lose has become a disease,

I’m begging, will somebody take charge of this team… please?


Giveaways, turnovers, and mental errors to start,

Laziness, apathy and I question their heart.

Their passing: atrocious, and they keep shooting it wide,

You wonder after some games if these players have pride.


Miller’s inconsistent, Ehrhoff’s cannon shoots blanks,

Well, as long as Drew Stafford has his $16 Mil in the bank.

Sekera is sloppy, while Pat Kaleta’s too frail,

Marc Gragnani’s too soft, Gaustad’s goal scoring: FAIL.


They rely too much on Vanek, Pommer and Adam to score,

Besides a handful of players, there needs to be change to this core.

Some are too comfy, maybe been here too long,

Can we really trust Regier to move the right ones along?


So, as we head into Christmas, far away from the rink,

I wonder what each of you Sabres fans thinks.

Does the coach need to go, or are we prime for a trade?

One thing’s for certain, there’ll be no Cup winning parade.


If I could wish for new players, can I get Getzlaf or Staal?

Steve Ott or Dave Backes, can we just acquire them all?

I’ll send Roy, Stafford, Ennis…Sekera and Grags,

I’ll drive them all to the airport and even unload their bags.


Throw in a prospect or two, and a first round pick,

Do something significant to right this sinking ship quick.

Watch the Bruins or Flyers, Blackhawks or Rags,

They know what it takes to fly that championship flag.


Darcy and Lindy, Mr. Pegula and Ted,

Well, they’d better do something before this fan base is dead.

We all had such visions, before the season began,

of winning “multiple cups”, I thought that was the planman.



Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all you hockey fans out there.





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