Time To Get Real Buffalo!

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 Tonights loss was the 40th game of the year, the team has 40 points. A point per game is probably not going to get you into the post season, it will however get you a pretty good draft pick. I am a huge fan of Lindy Ruff, but it just doesn’t seem like the team is playing for him. Maybe it’s time to make a GM and coaching change, I don’t agree with firing a GM or coach in the middle of the season but if Darcy Regier is not going to try and make a trade then maybe Mr.Pegula will have to make a decision that betters his team.

Tomorrow night the team is back home and as I’ve been saying this for about a month, this game IS A MUST WIN! It will be the half way mark of the season. A turn around is necessary, a point is not going to cut it tomorrow. The Sabres are currently 11th in the East and a full 3 points behind the Winnipeg Jets, tomorrow’s opponent, who sit in 10th. They have each played 40 games, so with no games in hand the Sabres need 2 points to remain close. I know there is still time but the team is 5 points out of 8th with no games in hand. That 8th place team is the Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo and Toronto play a home and home series next week. So if the Sabres can manage to string together 3 wins they could find themselves in 8th place.

If the team is going to win they are going to have to do it without Derek Roy, Ruff said that the center could be out for sometime. I didn’t see what happened to Roy and I’ve been asking around but no one can tell me what happened. Roy hasn’t really been producing as of late. In fact not a lot of Sabres have. Jason Pominville and Thomas Vanek are the only two that seem to be playing game in and game out. Through 40 games Vanek has 40 points (19 goals and 21 assists), is a plus 2 with 8 power play goals, 34 penalty minutes, and 118 shots on goal. Pominville is just about the same with 42 points (14 goals and 28 assists), a minus 2 with 5 power play goals, only 8 penalty minutes, and 112 shots on goal. The closest player to them is Roy with only 24 points. Pominville is 10th in the league in points and 8th in assists. Vanek is 14th in the league in points and 30th in assists. Where would this team be without these two? I don’t even want to think about that. They show that they have heart every game, along with Nathan Gerbe, Jordon Leopold, and Robyn Regehr. But other than those 5 guys the team is inconsistent, an inconsistent team is not going to make the playoffs and it doesn’t make the fans want to spend their hard earned money to watch a losing team.

The fans are waiting for a shake up and according to Regier, there is no shake up in the immedate future. I’m going to be honest I was hopefully for a big blockbuster trade but in the back of my mind I knew nothing was going to happen. Regier has never made any big moves during the season. But with Mr.Pegula, people thought it was going to be different and maybe I’m wrong but it’s the same old Regier. He wants to make the best with what he has, even if what he has, isn’t going to get him what the city wants…a Stanley Cup!


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