MSG/TWC Battle Continues With Fans Caught In Between

The Buffalo Sabres were once again blacked out in homes that carried Time Warner Cable and Dish Network.  In his interview with a vampire post, our own Staff Writer Andrew asked for and received a small $20 credit to his bill for the inconvenience.  Kudo’s to Andrew who is landlocked because of his lease agreement to TWC; and I urge all readers who have Time Warner Cable to reach out to their local representative and ask for some sort of credit on their account.  The only way we the average fan have any leverage in this battle as we are caught in the mess without having any party involved to begin with.  Was anyone other than TWC and MSG present when negotiations went sour?  Follow the jump to see what more you as the consumer can do to get your programming back without having to go through the motions to switch providers, only to have to worry about when the next time MSG will strike again out of greed. 

The fight however should not be limited to the TWC front.  From what we are being told the decision to pull MSG and MSG plus from the Time Warner market rested in the hands of MSG alone.  Well my friends and loyal Sabres fans – it is time we take the fight to MSG as well.  While searching for any contact information from MSG that I might be able to share, I stumbled across an MSG Ethical Hotline.

It seems to me that asking for a substantial increase in rates during this economy is an ethical issue, seeing as the average persons, you know the one’s who rely on programming such as Buffalo Sabres games as a relief from the real world problems that most of us deal with on a daily basis. If you actually go to the Ethical Hotline website, which you can do by clicking here, you can read some of the more – colorful comments, and you can even add one yourself.

MSG in this scenario reminds me of a character from an Adam Sandler movie, Mr. Deeds – you know, the sleezy show host Mac McGrath:

Well, in a few moments, I'll put on my Versace overcoat, get into my Mercedes, drive to my Fifth Avenue apartment, 
and squeeze my girlfriends big, fake boobs.  And that bullshit you're talking about paid for all of it.  

Well, in the words of Mac - we are the bullshit, and they are going to raise their rates across the board, until everyone is blacked out.

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