Sabres Now a NATIONAL Embarrassment

The headline initially read: “Even a Billionaire Owner Can’t Help
This Team

It was on Yahoo’s front page around mid-day today, and it was referring to (yep, you guessed it) our beloved (?) Buffalo Sabres and owner Terry Pegula. For whatever reason, the story’s headline was changed to read: “Underachieving Sabres Spiraling Out Of Control“.

Who changed it, or why it was altered is a mystery. It really doesn’t matter much. It still reads like a horror story.

It was the talk of my workplace, and I’m sure countless others. The fact that our little old city, and it’s floundering hockey team, is making national headlines is, quite honestly, an embarrassment. Buffalo usually doesn’t get a sniff of the national news media, let alone getting it’s share of top-billing, when it comes to sports.

I guess that’s what happens when expectations, fair or otherwise, and a $65 million payroll meet head-on with a 9-15-5 record since the Milan Lucic/Ryan Miller incident. Coincidence, or not, this season has all but slipped away from the Sabres since they were exposed in Boston.

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