This Is Not Fun Anymore!

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Has anyone else noticed when the Sabres get behind or the opposing team ties it up, they completely check out? It’s almost like they don’t have enough faith in themselves to win anymore hockey games. I’m seriously beginning to wonder if they are going to win another game and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. Remember back on July 1st when everyone was so excited about the signings of Leino, Ehrhoff, and Regher. When everyone thought the Sabres were going to be the team to beat, well the joke’s on them because we are arguably the worst team in the league right now. I know that Columbus has a worse record, but even they can win two games in a row. We are on a 5 game losing streak. It has been 3 months since the Sabres put two wins together, and we can’t blame the injuries anymore. I know they are hurting without Ehrhoff, Regher, and Ennis, but they are not the reason Roy, Gerbe, Vanek, and Pominville can’t find the back of the net. It’s not a good sign that your only scoring comes from your defenseman. Mike Weber scored tonight, his first of the season. Yikes!

The Sabres are now tied with Carolina for dead last in the East. They are trailing the Washington Capitals, who are in 8th by 9 points, and the Caps have 2 games in hand. I’m going out on a limb here and say that the Sabres are not going to make the playoffs. It’s not just because the Sabres are playing bad or that they are banged up, it’s because upper management has given up on making the playoffs. If they didn’t, they would have made a trade by now to try and better their team. It wasn’t that long ago that the team was in 11th and only 5 points back. This was when all the talk about Anaheim shopping Getzlaf and Ryan was hot, and now that talk is dead and the Anaheim Ducks have won 4 straight. Maybe because the players and coaching staff called out the right players, and that’s what needs to happen here in Buffalo. People need to step up and start making things happen. Tyler Myers was interviewed after tonight’s loss and he looked so frustrated. Everyone in the locker room better look like he does. I don’t care who steps up but it needs to happen now. Mike Grier was really the guy that took control in the room when he was here and the Sabres need to find the guy that’s going to do that now. Miller played another good game in net, I think he is finding he groove, now the rest of them need to find it.

Let’s all hope that the Sabres can steal a win in New Jersey and go into the All-Star break with a win. Everyone but Pominville and Adam will have close to a week off to rest up, get healthy, and get their heads on straight for the home stretch. Fingers crossed, because I don’t know how much more us Sabres fans can take.

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