An Argument For The Shootout

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Last night I was at the Bandits game where I watched the Bandits unfortunately come up just short and lose to the Stealth in overtime. I saw on the scoreboard that the Sabres had managed to tie the game back up at three with only a few minutes left, so I quickly made my way over to the Harbour Club to catch the end of the game. By the time I got over there about two minutes had been played in the overtime period, so it was beginning to look like the game may be going to a shootout.

The Harbour Club was packed. People were standing all around, including outside in the First Niagara Center hallway, to catch the Sabres. When the game went into a shootout, everyone was excited. I looked around and just realized the utter excitement that the shootout brings.

When Boyes scored the crowd erupted. Miller’s saves got an equally loud response. When Pominville scored there was a delayed reaction because the television wasn’t huge and you couldn’t really tell what had happened, but when people realized everyone jumped for joy and many a high five was shared.

Experiencing a shootout in a large group made me realize exactly why shootouts haven’t gone away. Sure, they probably aren’t the best way to decide which team is better. But you know what, they’re fun. Sometimes that’s all sports should come down to. They are most definitely more exciting than just ending in a tie. Whether the loser should get one point is a whole different story.

Remember to check back tomorrow for my second piece in the Draft Profiles series. Have a good time watching the big game tonight and as always act responsibly. Follow me on Twitter @GoodsOnSabres for the latest news out of the Sabres and the rest of the NHL.

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