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Your Morning Sabres

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Good morning Buffalo.  Many of you went to bed last night knowing that the Washington Capitals jumped out to an early lead, and the Flyers failed to defeat them in regulation, letting the Caps earn a point last night, so now the Buffalo Sabres sit in ninth, one point behind Washington. 

The Sabres are still in control, as they can pull even tonight with a point against the Rangers (which has been the MO for them all year) – or they can do themselves a favor and win tonight and jump over the Caps.  This all hinges on the fact that the Caps have to lose. 
Which brings into question – race for eighth – or not worry about it?  What are your thoughts on racing for eighth?  This year the standards were so high the magical run doesn’t seem as positive as it did last year.  Playoffs are playoffs regardless of where the team lands.  I am all for the push for eight and I am enjoying every moment until the season is over. 
Let us know your thoughts – leave us a comment and tell us why you are enjoying this run, or why you could take it or leave it. 

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