An Argument for Not Caring About Trade Rumors

The Buffalo Sabres are one goal scorer away from the Stanley Cup.  They are one great D-Man from the Stanley Cup.  They are one new goalie from the Stanley Cup.  I hear that every day.  I say it to myself everyday.  For the last year or so, I have refreshed twitter #sabres for countless hours in hopes of seeing some breaking news.  With the news of Bobby Ryan being back on the block, I give up.

It is time for me, and maybe time for most hockey fans to stop the absurdist obsession with wheeling and dealing.  Trade rumors are almost always utter crap.  Remember Kane for Miller, remember every trade rumor involving the Maple Leafs.  I have decided to stop looking to the rumor mill for solace in the Sabres poor on ice performance.

When a trade happens (there always are trades), I will greet it with tantamount excitement and sweeping statements such as the Sabres will win the next 50 Stanley Cups.  Until then, I just won’t care.  Especially after seeing the Kings win the Stanley Cup, I can tell you that trades are important, but what is more important than trades is only losing four games in four playoff rounds.  Winning sixteen playoff games, having a great second half of the season is more important.  The on ice translation of trades is more important than the rumor that comes prior.  And as a hockey fan, the action on the ice should always be most important.  I think that in the past few years, I have started to care too much about the off ice circus.  Now is the time to focus on what the Sabres have, what we need, and not how cool it would be to trade Roy for whoever because wild rumors don’t give much to us fans other than silly twitter hash tags and angry calls to WGR.

So today I sneeze at all rumors.  Call me when Bobby Ryan or Patrick Kane or any third or fourth line energy player is picked up because today I don’t care.  One of my favorite trades in the past decade was when Regier dealt away Kassian because it was so shocking.  I like the surprise and I think I want to keep it that way.  There will be trades.  We will have thousands of words to say something about the trades, but I just want to let them happen now. I want to jump out of my seat when I see the Sabres have done something, not sit in my seat and wait.

But where can all this extra energy I have now be invested?  What will I do now that I am ignoring the sewer that we so affectionately call the rumor mill?  I guess I will watch the overachieving Mets.  R.A. Dickey is quite a story.  I guess I will watch the Euro Cup.  I think Germany has a good chance of winning, and I would really like to see that team win.  They are young and insanely good.  The off season rumor mill just reminds me that there is nothing better than actually watching hockey come fall.



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