Buffalo Sabres Morning Report 7/24/2012

Our third game of the season features the powerful New York Rangers.  The Rangers come to First Niagara Center to finish off the Buffalo Sabres opening three game home stand.  It will be the Sabres first chance to see Rick Nash in something other than Union Blue.

Last season, the heavily favored New York Rangers played the Buffalo Sabres four times, as the NHL schedule dictates four games against conference opponents.   The Sabres only managed to scrape four points out of the Blue Shirts last season, scoring a win late in the season, and losing the first three contests (one in regulation, one in OT, and one in the shootout).

The Buffalo Sabres are going to have to be on their A game if they are going to stand up to the New York Rangers who are planning another attempt at running deep for the Stanley Cup.  The four games against the Rangers got a little harder today as the Boys of Broadway were able to trade to the Blue Jackets prize forward Rick Nash.  Look for the Rangers to try and lock him up to a long term deal to keep him in red, white, and blue for as long as they can.

I talked to our Blue Line Station editor and asked her if bringing Nash on board was just another sick NYR stunt to add another high profile name to the roster – and she responded with a very jubilant tone:

The New York Rangers signing Rick Nash was a step in the right direction.  This trade will test fans, as Nash is some what unproven out in Columbus without the necessary talent around him and Sather sent some fan favorites off for him, but in the long run the Rangers will only build.  Doesn’t matter if Nash is a bust or a wild success, the Rangers are growing with this trade.

The Buffalo Sabres only play the New York Rangers once prior to the New Years celebration, and that is the third game of the season on October 19th at First Niagara Center.

A January 8th and February 8th trip to Manhattan will happen for the Buffalo Sabres before the Rangers help the Buffalo Sabres close out the regular season with a two game home stand first with the Rangers on April 11 before the regular season ends against the Boston Bruins.

The Buffalo Sabres have a tough three game home stand to start the regular season, with Pittsburgh, Detroit, and New York all chomping at the bit to get back into the winning circle.  Unless the Sabres go on some sick and ridiculous run again – I don’t think the talent level has gotten deep enough, and they will be lucky to, at best split the season series with the New York Rangers.




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