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Buffalo Sabres Morning Report 08/10/2012

Happy Friday Buffalo Sabres fans!  A look into next years season team by team continues with the second opponent of November, the Carolina Hurricanes.  Four games against the ‘Canes brings two things – the chance to pick up eight points in the standings – a sure thing that there is a Fansided wager going on.

This will mark the third annual Fansided Cardiac Cane/Sabre Noise wager – and to say the least the contests have been spirited.  In year one, Kristina Kelly had to don a t-shirt that said I Love Buffalo Sabres and proceed to bar crawl after the game.  KP was a good sport and posted several pictures of her event.  Year two saw me having to squeeze into that tiny little shirt.

This year, the stakes are not clothing base, but rather – the audio bet is on.  If the Carolina Hurricanes win the season series, then Tim has to sing the Carolina Hurricanes theme song.

If the Buffalo Sabres win out the season series, then it will be a blast from the past for KP who will have to sing the historic Buffalo Sabres song from the 1975 Stanley Cup series.

The audio barrage will be aired on an episode of Rink Side Rants.

To make matters worse, Kristina Kelly will still be able to gloat and glow over Jeff Skinner for longer – as the former Calder Trophy winner has been signed by the Carolina Hurricanes to a six year extension.

Another reason behind wanting to see the Carolina Hurricanes this year is the tandem of Staal brothers now playing together in storm city.  After the November 3rd tilt, the Buffalo Sabres will see the calendar roll to 2013 before facing the Carolina Hurricanes once again, playing them twice in the month of January before closing the season series out in Carolina on Tuesday March 5th.

Since it is a four game season series for the conference opponents – if the series ends with two wins a piece, the goal differential between the two teams will be used to determine the winner.

After a slow start to the month, were going to continue the Morning Reports – normally just a Monday through Friday series on Saturday and Sunday throughout the month of August.

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