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Fansided Friday Fabulous Five

It comes as no surprise to anyone that the month of August has been pretty dry with news from around the NHL.  The threat of another looming lockout just 15 days away has made the news even scarcer, as teams are afraid of, or unwilling to ink deals with the uncertainty of what the future holds for the league.

There are only so many ways to spin a story about the NHL and NHLPA dealing with the economics of the league, player safety, and getting a deal done that will save the endanered 2012-2013 season.

Here is a look around the league according to Fansided Writers pining for the “puck to drop”.



With the possibility of missing all 82 games on the table this season, Andrew Thompson over at Causeway Crowd us what Boston Bruins home games are ones that you won’t want to miss.  At this point, fans don’t want to miss any games, let alone a handful of home games.  Scanning his games not to miss, the October 30th contest against the Buffalo Sabres is mentioned.  Most Bruins fans would want the B’s to run over the Buffalo Sabres physically again, but even with the Luci-Miller incident, the season series last year was closer than it could have been.  The Sabres increased size over the off season should make them a little more compatible with the Bruins, but it will take a lot more than Scott, Ott, and Kaleta to match the Bruins size.

With the preseason right around the corner (hopefully) the Capitals affiliates are reaching out to fans to start the PR battles and get fans in the seats.  with the possibility of an NHL lockout, minor league affiliates might see an influx of butts in the seats from NHL fans looking for their puck fix.

So the topic and trend of this weeks Fansided Friday seems to be a downer on the NHL and their impending implosion/lockout.  Liberty over at Bolts By the Bay gives us a look at the Female Fan vs. the Puck Bunny – a moniker that most women hockey faithful are unfairly saddled with.

The Los Angeles Kings ar enjoying their Summer with Lord Stanley.  New Fansided writer Jake Abrahams takes a royal look at a summer in review.

If there is one team in the league that wants the season to kick off without a hitch, its the Florida Panthers.  After making the playoffs for the first time in forever, a lifetime,a decade – the team has to be clawing to get back on the ice to prove that their playoff appearance was’t a glitch or a fluke, and that they will be contending in the East once again.  Calling the commissioner crazy is one way to get the leagues attention though.


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