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Why The Buffalo Sabres Need Shane Doan

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Unrestricted free agent Shane Doan would be a great fit if he were to sign with the Buffalo Sabres.

The seventeen year forward who has been a captain with the Phoenix Coyotes provides leadership that the Sabres need, in memory with all the frustations of last year.

 The Sabres current captain Jason Pominville doesn’t provide the leadership that the Buffalo Sabres would need to make a Stanley Cup playoff run. What the Buffalo Sabres are in need of, is fresh leadership on and off the ice.
The Sabres made Shane Doan a four year, thirty million dollar contract offer as of August 21. He will make sure to sign with a team by September 14th.
But anyways, besides the leadership Shane Doan brings, goals are with him as well. With Putting up a total of 50 points last season. That would’ve been tied for third on the team in points with Drew Stafford.
Even with his age, the stats prove that Doan can still play at age 35. Many Sabres fans are concered with the money that Darcy Regier is throwing at him.
The Sabres need balance scoring to help compete in the Eastern Conference. Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville were by far the leading scorers last year.
Doan is not washed up by far. He had 1,548 minutes on the ice last season. Also brings the kinds of toughness that this team needs, as they already brought in tough players earlier in the offseason.
Everything that the Buffalo Sabres are in need of, Doan brings to the ice. Doan had five power play goals last season, that brings good scoring to a powerplay that struggled last season. He is also willing to fight, something that the Buffalo Sabres lacked as Patrick Kaleta was out a few games due to injury.
The New York Rangers are the top favorites in the Eastern Conference with the trade getting Rick Nash. So signing Doan would help send a message to the league that the Buffalo Sabres are still competitive.
I think the only thing that will stop Doan from coming to Buffalo is head coach Lindy Ruff. I think in a way, Ruff is the leader of this team. That’s why Jason Pominville is captain of this team. Pominville is a player who usually doesn’t speak up.
Lindy doesn’t want anyone trying to speak up in the locker room. If you notice in his press confernces, Lindy never talks about leadership. In my opinion I don’t think that he vaules leadership and is vital to his teams success.
But what are the negatives in signing Doan? Would Doan make this team worse? Not really, the Buffalo Sabres would miss his play if he didn’t agree to sign and arrive in Hockey Heaven.

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  • Dylan Nowak

    totally agree. I’m sick of Ruff having robots as captains.

  • Rick Fox

    The Sabres need a proven veteran topline center more than they need Doan and knowing his snubbing of the Sabres is a sore subject why would you write about him? You are late to the party this article has already been written multiple times by other writers and bloggers.

  • Nicko

    Someone on this site already wrote about the Pominville , Ruff captain issue. He would be a waste of money.

  • Eric A

    Look at the 2013 UFA list. If we’re going to throw stupid money around (and assuming the cap stays the same-ish), would you rather spend $7M for Doan, or toss in an extra $1M and get Getzlaf or Perry? Or Iginla?

  • Bob

    We need a Center not Doan. We also need leadership. Someone who will stand up to Ruff. Regier and Pagula won’t.