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Fansided Friday - Eight Crazy Nights

Well – it is almost a Doan deal - all that stands in the way of Shane Doan signing a deal that will allow him to finish his career with the same(ish) franchise that he started with is a Mr. Jamison buying the Phoenix Coyotes.  All that stands in the way of Jamison buying the team is a labor agreement, and the city of Glendale would like to see a deal get inked by the NHL and NHLPA before they make any major concessions.  It is a triad level of hockey soap opera that is ending really the way many had thought it would end, with Doan in the desert for the rest of his career, despite several cities making a pitch for him.

It was like Christmas all over again in St. Louis as the team introduced their 16th overall selection from the 2010 Entry Draft, Vladimir Tarasenko.  The Blues are excited to have the former Captain of the Russian National Junior Team that won the 2011 World Junior’s skating in St. Louis.  Once considered a KHL flight risk, Tarasenko may still see time in the KHL if the league locks – he is having the convseration with his team about whether he will play in Russia or Peoria in the event of a lockout.  Depending on how negotiations would go – Tarasenko could decide that playing in the best league in the world, isn’t worth the hassle.

Once the poster boys of the NHL – the Blackhawks find themselves struggling to find an identity.  Safe from that is Patrick Sharp who is ranked by has being the fifth overall selection in the rankings for left wingers in this years entry draft.

Philadelphia Flyers fans are hopeful the season is going to start on time (or at least be played) like everyone else following the league.  One fan looks to the end of the year awards the team hands out to see who is going to have a banner year for the Broad Street Bullies.

With but eight days until the deadline, it is very nearing the possibility that the NHL will not start the 2012-2013 season on time, or worse case scenario, at all.



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