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NHL Lockout Claims Buffalo Sabres September

It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote about the Traverse City Tournament being the first victim of the CBA argument and potential lockout.

Well, now the lockout is here and is claiming for victims.  The month of September has been cancelled and removed from 2012-201 calendars – at least as far as the NHL is concerned.

While fans are not in danger of missing regular season action at this point, the Buffalo Sabres are forced to scratch two pre season contests from the schedule.

Wednesday September 26th against the Boston Bruins, and Friday September 28th against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Buffalo Sabres are offering two different options for season ticket holders as games are cancelled.  The first option is a full refund at the end of the month for any games cancelled by the NHL.  On October 1st, season ticket and mini pack holders would receive a discount for any games cancelled in September.  On November 1st they would receive a discount for October, and so on until the NHL and NHLPA decide they want to play hockey in North America again.

The second option, the Buffalo Sabres will offer ticket holders (season and mini-pack) a 4% simple interet per annum on the value of the games that are cancelled by the league.

The regular season is scheduled to start, for the Buffalo Sabres on October 13th – a date that right now is in jeopardy of happening, and could get pushed back.


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