Just Another Reason To Want Bobby Ryan On My Team

August is a great time for rumors and speculation in a normal NHL off season.

With free agency in full swing, most of the biggest players are spoken for, leaving the trade market the number one source of team level improvement.

This past August, with the Buffalo Sabres out of the free agency running early – most of the talk was surrounding on who the Buffalo Sabres could trade for.  The biggest news of the off season was finally getting the locker room free of Derek Roy and bringing in some much needed toughness in Steve Ott.  While we waited for word on Rick Nash and Shane Doan – many Sabres fans eyes were pointed West as the idea of bringing Bobby Ryan to Buffalo was – at least for some a viable option to get better.

We can rehash all the reasons why bringing Ryan into Buffalo would be a good idea.  Leadership, experience, winning, and stats alone would have been an uplift in the Sabres locker room.  It would be another level of star power on the Sabres roster so we were deeper than our role players and our goaltender, Ryan Miller.

Want another reason why bringing Bobby Ryan into blue and gold?  How about fitting him into the blue collar mantra that is the Nickel City?  With the NHL threatening to begin washing out regular season games – many NHL players, stars and role players alike are crossing the pond looking for avenues to play hockey and stay fresh – Bobby Ryan plans on remaining in California skating to stay fresh.

 I’m an NHL player. I’m not going to take somebody else’s job overseas.

He’s not going to take someone’s job overseas.  Clubs in Europe and Russia are and have been since the lockout loomed looking to boslter their rosters with NHL caliber talent seeking to improve their clubs for their championships.  Problem is, when you add, you have to subtract – and the guy your subtract is trying to maximize his earnings in a “shortened career” as well.  Counter productive to the message you are sending to the NHL as you are trying to negotiate a larger piece of the pie or retain the piece you already have.

Bobby Ryan would be a great addition to the Buffalo Sabres squad just by stats alone – he would also fit into the WNY way of thinking.

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