Hallow Be Thy Record


The close of the regular season for Major League Baseball saw several accomplishments that have not occured readily in baseball’s long and storied history.  The biggest stories of the night were the Oakland A’s ability to win their division, after not sitting atop their rivals and foes for the entire season.  Miguel Cabrera became the first person in forty-five years to win baseball’s batting triple crown (Boston Red Sox Left Fielder Carl Yastrzemski was the last to win it in 1967).  He’s also only the 16th player since 1878 to earn that title.   Only 38 pitchers have ever accomplished their positions triple crown. Congratulations to both of those events, which will forever be recorded in the annals of history.

With celebrations from coast to coast occuring in the MLB – the National Hockey League continues to be mired in the midst of a record fourth lockout in 20 years.  Taking a chance to weigh in on celebration, lets take a look at some historic and difficult to overcome accomplishments in the National Hockey League.  Some may never be broken.  Others may take a very long time to  overcome – and if the league continues to degrade its product by skipping seasons, could become mere footnotes in the history of professional sports.

Will some of these records ever be broken?  Who will stand in infamy as the all time greatest hockey player?  Will Wayne Gretzky ever be topped?


Most Goals in a Single Season

The year was 1982 – and when the season ended, Wayne Gretzky had amassed 92 goals that year.  In just his third NHL season – he would hit a benchmark that not many have even thought of coming close to.  Today’s NHL stars have 82 games to try and match the mark set by The Great One in just 80 contests.  That same year – Gretzky set the fastest time to get to 50 goals in 39 games.  Gretzky would break Esposito’s record of most goals in a season against the Buffalo Sabres in route to this remarkable accomplishment.  Most goals by a Buffalo Sabres player in one season – Alexander Mogilny with 76 in 1992-1993.

Most Assists in a Single Season

Wayne Gretzky once again tops the charts in this field, helping on 163 goals in the 1985-1986 season.  Pat Lafontaine came close to that record in 1992-1993 when he neared the century mark with 95 assists.

Most Points in a Single Season

The Great One has yet another record – and this one will probably stand forever.  The only player to ever score 200 or more points in a single season, 1985-1986 hockey saw Wayne Gretzky net 215 points.  With 148 in 1992-1993, Pat Lafontaine holds that honor for the Blue and Gold.

Tune in for more on NHL records this week as time marches on towards the cancellation of the NHL regular season.




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