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Another Friday comes and is on its way into the history books, and its another Friday we go by with the NHL lockout in full effect.  We are officially into what should be the 2012-2013 regular season, and despite the hopes of many hockey fans, the National Hockey League remains at a negotiations impasse with the players association.

How are you coping without having hockey around?  Here is another look around the Fansided Sports Network Hockey Writers.

Down in Florida – the Panthers faithful were hoping that the team could come back and build upon the success the team had last season, making the playoffs for the first time in a Buffalo Bills age.  Our site editor Joe Dolce does a great job of looking at all the moving part sof what should be a well oiled machine.  Follow his thoughts on the lockout in the finale of his three part mini series on the NHL Inc.

While 30 NHL markets are out of the loop as it comes to active hockey news, the Fansided Sports Network is not completely in the void when it comes to hockey.  Hockey Lives On in many parts of the world, and Frozen Futures brings that to you.  Frozen Futures will no doubt be featured every Friday until NHL operations resume.

When you live in a market such as the fans of the Montreal Canadiens, hockey seems secondary only to breathing.  I met an interesting man in my travels the past couple of weeks who told me a story about his mother, in the hospital preparing for a quadruple bypass after a serious heart attack.  When he went into see her prior to the surgery – her focus was not on her health or her impending surgery – it was on the Yankee’s game being broadcast on television.  That is the dedication and heart of Canadiens fans.  Without their beloved Habs to root for, many in Canadiens Nation are turning to the Hamilton Bulldogs - despite them being blanked by the Toronto Marlies.

Is the printed word not enough for you when it comes to alternative sports media?  Check out Fansided Radio for a multitude of sports podcasts and online radio programming that will help sate your need for sports on a 24-7 basis.

Today is opening day in the American Hockey League, and for fans living close enough to an NHL farm team, you can still watch many NHL ready prospects fine tune their game as they wait for their chance to be the next legend of hockey en route to permanent enshrinement in the Hockey Hall of Fame.



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