Who Is On The Hot Seat In Negotiations?

With neither the NHL or the NHLPA tipping their hands – are the two sides struggling to justify this lockout any longer as both sides continue to lose money despite whatever the sharing percentages are?  When your trying to cut a zero – be at 57/43 or 50/50 – the end result is still a zero.

Could both sides be understanding that the possibility to make any money on the 2012-2013 season is just on the other side of a closing window that is closely with increasing speed as each day passes by?

It appears that the NHLPA could be making an offer to the NHL by Tuesday - and they will offer their response with a two to three day turn around.

What has taken the NHLPA so long?  I understand you don’t want to stand on principle and make an offer just to make an offer, that’s great.  I understand you don’t want to take it in the seat of the pants like you did last negotiations.  Does there really need to be this long of a gap between good, honest, faithful negotiations that result in an offer being made?

Rumor has it this is a Goldilocks offer, not to hot, not to cold, but just right for the NHL to feast upon.  How will the NHL take to this offering?  If the players have finally resolved to look at both sides of the coin, and offer concessions that work for both sides – we could be closer to getting a deal done.

If the NHLPA is strong arming the league once more – this could result in a complete impasse that leaves both sides retiring to their corners to not speak for months until one wants to budge.  If the NHLPA are smart, this is the deal where they concede on many of the issues that the NHL is standing firm on; but at the same time – if the NHL gets the point that they are willing to concede, this could get uglier before it gets prettier.

If the NHL gets a deal where the players are conceding certain things – in the hopes of getting concessions in return – the league could handle this poorly.  They could lock down even further, call the proposal an improvement, but still balk at allowing the players to return, in the hopes that they will concede more.   A wise NHL would take the players concessions, add theirs – and get a deal done.

We could be brewing up an NHL season if the next weeks talks go well.  It appears that maybe the players have developed a proposal that is “just right” temperature wise – lets just hope they are serving up Bettman’s favorite flavor.

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