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NHL CBA: What Aren't We Being Told?



As everyone know knows, the NHL has finally pitched a good CBA proposal which includes a 50/50 split of HRR and starting the full 82 game season three weeks late.  But what has been left on the table? What is not being released to the media?

T o me, this is a phenomenal deal and makes me optimistic that we will not lose months of the season.  However, after seeing how the negotiations have gone the past several months, I remain skeptical as to how soon a deal will get done.

Currently, all we know is is that the proposal is a 50/50 split of revenue and to keep the full 82 game season, start on November 2nd.  But where do the 3-4 weeks of games that will be missed go? Will they be sprinkled into the season like a rained out game in Baseball or will they be added to the end of the season., or will the season start as if it were October 11th?

Secondly, we cannot be sure that just because this is a promising deal, it will be signed.  It make take a day, a few weeks, a few months, just to get it all worked out.  What’s been left on the table is all the other crap they have been discussing.  It is possible that the past few days when they have been meeting, they worked all that out.  They were not discussing HRR in those meetings, so maybe arbritration, contracts, entry-level contracts, and all that stuff has been worked out for the most part, be we don’t know that.  Anonymity is fine and all so as to not show your hand to the opposing side.  But you can’t hide everything or else you will lose everyone.

I feel I can speak for a large number of fans on this, but I don’t care to hear that they met or are planning to meet or anything.  I want to hear results.  I want Fehr or Bettman to come out of a meeting and say “well we haven’t figured out revenue yet, but we worked out the arbitration and contract length issues.”  Enough of this “we have made no progress” bullshit from Daly and Fehr’s brother, bring the big dogs to the front of the stage.  If they really care about the fans, they need to start giving some details to keep the fans optimistic.  The more they keep us in the dark, the more they will push us away and keep us from caring.

I want to know, what do you guys think about the CBA proposal and them leaving us in the dark?  Please comment below.

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