Negotiations Continue - Talks Not Breaking Down - Yet

It seems as though the NHLPA is on board with the NHL – in as much as they are urgently trying to get a deal done to save a complete season this year.

Regardless – Lockout 2012 continues as the NHLPA counter offers the NHL with four different proposals.

From what I was hearing – not many were optimistic that today would warrant a warm and fuzzy feeling on proposals.  It does seem however, that both sides are continuing to play ball.

The NHL proposal from Tuesday wasn’t an end all be all apparently – and we can only wait in guarded anticipation that the NHL comes back in a timely fashion with another proposal.

It seems as if the players are not willing to accept a hard drop to the 50/50 revenue sharing plan that the NHL has looked at as key to getting a deal done.  If the NHL can budge off that instance, we could be watching the ink dry on a deal as players gather from around the globe to start an abbreviated training camp.

The sides are talking, and that is more than what we had the last time the NHL and NHLPA went head to head on negotiations.  It seems however, that fans have figured this out long before the actual negotiators.

From the length of the deal to getting the figures right – something has to give or we will be coming full circle on these arguments when the new deal expires in six to seven years.

How many times do fans have to endure a lockout in the same sport over the same issues?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can continue to look for positive results out of NY/Toronto where the sides meet.

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