Friday Fun-Day

Inspired by the BS that has occurred the past few days between the NHL and the NHLPA, and the belief of losing the season following the PA’s recent triple proposal, here is your Friday Fun-Day:




Also, here is a list from yesterdays Howard Simon Show on WGR550 of ten lesser know things from the NHL’s CBA proposal:

1. The Carolina Hurricanes must share the Stanley Cup with the Edmonton Oilers and Buffalo Sabres.

2. The Owners must share 25% of HDRR(Hot Dog Related Revenues).

3. The Bostons Bruins are 100% accountable of any cost NYC occurs when he carries a woman to the top of the Empire State Building.

4. The Columbus Blue Jackets will be spotted a 2 goal lead at the start of every game.

5. Fans of the Stanley Cup winning team can boo Gary Bettman as he presents the cup.  But they must follow it up by chanting GARY!! double the amount of time they booed.

6. The Florida Panthers are eligible for Revenue Sharing as long as 30% ofthe surrounding population can correctly identify one NHL player from any era.

7. The Buffalo Sabres MUST extend Lindy Ruff another 15 seasons.

8. The Vancouver Canucks are required to have “Riot Gear” night.

9. The Chicago Blackhawks must have a breath-a-lizer on the bench for Patrick Kane.

10. The Maple Leafs are terrible.

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