82 Games Out of the Question

The NHL recently opened up to the NHLPA with the willingness to continue negotiations this week.  However, there was a catch.  The NHL would only work with the Union if they would agree to work based on the NHL’s previous deal proposed last week.  Obviously the PA did not go for this  take it or leave it attitude.

The chance of an 82 game season is practically out the window and the season is looking even more bleak than ever.  National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman said Wednesday that an 82-game regular season is unlikely now because a Collective Bargaining Agreement is not yet in place.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the New York Islanders‘ move to Brooklyn starting with the 2015-16 season, Commissioner Bettman said the National Hockey League Players’ Association has opted not to negotiate off the League’s latest proposal, which was tabled eight days ago in Toronto and called for a 50-50 split of hockey-related revenue and would have allowed a full regular season to begin Nov. 2.


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