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End of An Era - New York Islanders Moving To Brooklyn

Despite the fact that the league has ceased functions for another season (with the faint hopes of this year being played) it looks like the New York Islanders are set to make a move from the oldest arena left standing in the National Hockey League.

At 1PM today, the Islanders senior members will be in Brooklyn announcing, rumored, that the team will vacate its current presence, and move the team to Brooklyn, New York – giving the metropolitan area of NYC a second team in 2015.

This is a move that makes sense, the current Long Island population does not support the team – and they haven’t been viable since their Stanley Cup dynasty era.

This short hop of a move will allow the team to keep its position in the division, but opens up the door for a new name, new color scheme, new logo, and a fresh start for a team that has suffered in the bowels of the standings for many years.

Is this a good move for the league?  Only time will tell.


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