Will Moves Be Made?

I was just thinking about this, if we do actually have any sort of season and its shortened to 50 or 60 games, how many moves will we see?  Normally we do not see a lot of trades throughout the season, and everyone who clamors for their team to make some changes wait until late February/early March at the trade deadline to see anything happen.

Last season, at the trade deadline, we saw 15 total trades and 32 players move.  Thats pretty low compared to previous years, but we also saw 18 trades leading up to the deadline.

I’m curious though, if we happen to have a shortened season, will GM’s be willing to make as many moves? I doubt it.  Especially here in Buffalo.  I believe that most GM’s will be reluctant to complete revamp a team in a shortened season, while others will still look to bolster their teams for the playoffs but won’t have as many suitors.  If you ask me, there will be no big names changing teams this season, except maybe Luongo, but more on that in a moment.  I’d say that mainly role players will be swapped or draft picks will be moved.

Also, who the hell knows if Luongo will ever be traded.  Rumor has it, that Toronto and Vancouver are talking about setting a deal which will be put in play once the season starts, but if the season doesn’t happen, will that trade still happen?

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