NHL Negotiations Continue - Setbacks Will Come

If life doesn’t suck already for the average NHL fan – the fact that negotiations are on going with little media communication has to be pulling at the very last string that many fans are holding on to.

Everything I am hearing is positive, that the attitudes remain positive.  This is a lot better than Lockout 2004 which had the sides unable to even come to the table to talk.

Don’t be fooled by this ongoing “negotiation”.  1)  We don’t really know what they are talking about.  2)  We don’t know whose buding, whose conceding, and who might be strong arming.

The problem with these negotiations, is both sides are waiting for the other to blink and give in that key piece of information or concession that the other can prey on.  Both sides have a definite line drawn in the sand and are not willing to move that much off the line.

Lockout 2012 – the lines are not that far apart – a deal can still be done if the negotiators take the time to really listen to what the other side has to say.  The problem is, neither side wants to move an inch, and they want the other to move the mile.

We are already looking at a shortened season, no Winter Classic, no All Star Game.  Next comes word from the league on the season being defunct, and with the season goes the Stanley Cup for another year.

The All Star game won’t be back until 2015 – with Sochi putting a hold on the 2014 game.  While many fans and players don’t care about that game, its still a revenue draw for the league and is a game that has to be played.  Personally, I think the NHL should hold a single game fun contest during the Olympics for the guys that don’t get to go to Sochi – it sounds like another gimmick, but come on – the NHL is full of money making gimmicks.

Plenty of fans of the league have much bigger worries than whether or not the NHL plays this year.  Fans of the New York Islanders, New York Rangers, and New Jersey Devils are all trying to clamour back to business and life as usual.  While the NHL being back on is second to bringing a sense of normalcy back to the tri state area – having hockey to ignore those issues for a couple of hours could be welcome relief for many.


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