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Donald Fehr A Detriment To Hockey

This right here my friends and readers, is the enemy.  I have fought leaning towards the players or the owners in Lockout 2012 which has left the NHL high and dry for 82 days and counting.  The players don’t want to take it in the wallets like they did last time, and the owners don’t want to pay the players more than they want.

The owners want protection from themselves, and the players want their contracts guaranteed.  The league wants a long team friendly CBA – the players want a shorter deal.

Fans just want hockey.

When it was players and owners talking logistics and getting a deal done – things were moving in the right direction.  As I type this – the NHLPA is preparing another counter-proposal to offer to the NHL.  That is great – because it is a sign of progress.

The downside – Donald Fehr is back in the room, and according to what I am reading, Fehr doesn’t want to take the gloves off yet – hoping that the NHLs best offer is yet to come.

Donald Fehr is effectively trying to eliminate the NHL 2012-2013 season over the best possible deal, instead of getting his players any sort of deal.  If Fehr holds out any longer, he will be eliminating another two weeks of the season, which is another two weeks of paychecks that the guys he is supposed to be fighting for won’t have.

The owners don’t trust Donald Fehr.  The players have their backs against the wall and are being pushed further back by Donald Fehr.  Donald Fehr doesn’t want to sign a deal that will save hockey.  Donald Fehr has officially, in my eyes become the enemy in these negotiations, and I am now firmly resolved in my belief that Lockout 2012 is his fault, and is enemy number one in my book.

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  • Rich Spalding

    As much as I don’t like Fehr, I’m inclined to believe that, if the NHL wasn’t so fond of lockouts and losing games, the NHLPA would never have had to bring in a big dog like Fehr. What is this, the third labor stoppage under Bettman? Fehr would not even be in the picture if the NHL could get a commissioner who didn’t advocate for a lockout every 7 years or so!

  • Joseph McCartin

    uhhh. “moronic” is the only word that comes to mind. this article sucks. for anyone else who wasted a couple seconds of their life forever, and turned to the comments to try to figure out why his iq suddenly dropped 5 pts after reading this, you’re not alone. for anyone who cares about the history of the nhlpa and the way the owners have raped the players for the past century, read “NET WORTH” not this drivel.