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NHL Set To Cancel More Games - CBA In Players Hands

Every day that passes, is another day that NHL Arenas around the country all look the same – empy.  The NHL has already cancelled  games through December 14th, and that day is fastly approaching.  I would expect the NHL to announce either this afternoon or very soon after the cancellation of the next round of games through the end of the year.

This to me is the last round of two week cancellations.  If we go much further into Lockout 2012 – the NHL is just finally going to come out and say it, that we will not have hockey for another full year.  Wow, how did that taste coming out of your mouth as you re-read that statement.

I don’t think the owners are going to budge anymore.  Donald Fehr seems to think that the best deal for the players is still yet to come – I tend to disagree.  I think the NHL, and rightfully so, should stand fast and say this is what it is.  Enough negotiations have gone on, and its time to play hockey.

The players are getting restless.  How many of them are going to forfeit another paycheck, another season – and for some the end of their careers over what is a drop in the bucket compared to what they are already getting.

I get it – players have a limited career in which to make the most money.  Are you really willing thought to take that already small window of opportuity and make it even smaller or possibly close your window?


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