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Precious Metals And Buffalo Sabres Prospects

For the Buffalo Sabres, the future looks bright.  Even if the murky waters of the current NHL Lockout make the immediate future seem dark and dreary, the long term goals of the Buffalo Sabres being a contender in the National Hockey League seem bright.

The U20 World Junior Championships are over, and Buffalo Sabres prospects have plenty of precious metal to talk to their teammates about.

Team USA won gold this morning, and when Jake McCabe returns to the campus of the University of Wisconsin, the Badgers will have plenty to celebrate about.  McCabe captained Team USA to Gold over the defending champions, Team Sweden, and racked up some impressive stats along the way.  The Buffalo Sabres second round draft pick has a bright future in the organization once he leaves the NCAA ranks behind.

Despite promising outlooks and hosting the tournament in Ufa, team Russia had to settle for the bronze medal after holding on to keep Team Canada without a medal.  What it does mean is that Mikhail Grigorenko and Andrey Makarov add a bronze medal to the showcase.

Three medals for team Buffalo Sabres in international play this off season, not a bad count by any stretch of the means, and if anything, it means the future looks extremely bright.

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  • Limestein

    Joel Armia didn’t win silver. He’s from Finland. They finished in 7th.

  • Jacob Breunig

    Wow, Armia, the Fin won with Sweden, that’s incredible, didn’t know it was possible

    • Timothy Redinger

      Anything is possible in my mind. Horrible, horrible mistake by me.

  • Timothy Redinger

    WOW – I have made some doozies in my day of writing, but that was bad – my apologies to readers and to Armia, of course this is the only time in my lifetime I will ever be able to take a medal away from anyone.