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Buffalo Sabres Fans - Stand Up and Turn Around


If you haven’t gotten your tickets to a Buffalo Sabres game yet this year – you might not get one at all.  After yesterday’s presale – the team announced there were only single games seats number around 18K left for the season, and that four games on the schedule were already sold out.  Empty seats are not an option in Buffalo for the shortened 2013 regular season.

Buffalo Sabres fans are returning to the NHL in droves after a 113 day lockout that drove fans mad and supposedly away from the game and the league.  So far it seems that the Buffalo Sabres will not feel an economic back lash from the fans who were reportedly upset with the way things were going and wanted to get back at the teams/leagues for bickering over their money.

Some fans however still want to make their feelings known that they are not happy about Gary Bettman’s third lockout in 20 years, and second in the last ten.  Sure, you will have people that won’t buy merchandise to keep their money away from the HRR pool – some people won’t turn on games, or go to games because they are tired of having their emotional hockey strings pulled every time there is a CBA renewal coming up.

The Puck Stops Here has an interesting way of showing the players, owners, teams, and league that we are not happy about how things went down, and that yes we are back, but we may not be back if this happens again.  Its called Stand Up and Turn Around.

Simple policy – if you are at the home opener on Sunday (or wherever/whenever your home opener is if your not a fan of the Buffalo Sabres) stand up for the opening faceoff and turn your back to the play for 30 seconds.  Sure your going to miss the return of the NHL for that brief period of time, and there is the off chance that you will miss a goal – but the message will be sent.  If there are hundred, (probably wont get to thousands) of fans that do this during home openers – the message will be clear.

Can you imagine the announcers calling the game asking each other if they are seeing what they think they are – the message will be clear for NHL brass that catch the games on television.  The War Room in Toronto will definitely alert Mr. Bettman of the action.

I won’t be in attendance on opening night, but I will be watching in earnest on Saturday and Sunday to see if Stand Up and Turn Around turns into anything.

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