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Knee Jerk Reaction: Buffalo Sabres vs. Washington Capitals

When they skated on the ice, both the Buffalo Sabres and Washington Capitals were struggling with offensive woes.

The Buffalo Sabres were relying on Thomas Vanek, and his linemates Cody Hodgson, and Jason Pominville to create the scoring.

Heading into the night they were responsible for 9 of the teams 11 goals.

For the Washington Capitals, Alex Ovechkin has been kept off the scoreboard – and were the last team remaining without a win in the entire NHL.

With the weekend almost officially over, Washington did not want the next week start without anything in the win column.

The Buffalo Sabres are still trying to force plays and get the prettiest goal possible.  Instead of taking what is available and capitalizing – they were giving the puck away and trying to make the play that wasn’t there.

We have probably seen the last of Mikhail Grigorenko.  While he has not been a detriment to the Buffalo Sabres organization – he has not had any impact what so ever on the teams success.  The only problem is – are the Bufalo Sabres good enough to take on the season without him, as he has been gaining confidence as his tryout wore on.  The Sabres may have no choice but to keep him, and hope that the confidence builds and he starts putting the puck in the net at the NHL level.

All eyes will be on the internet through Tuesday when the Buffalo Sabres have to make the decison.  If Grigorenko plays on Tuesday, he is here to stay.

He could have made the decision much easier.  When we were one Tyler Myers watch – the kid had Calder written all over him, and despite all the hemming and hawwing by Darcy Regier, everyone knew that Tyler Myers wasn’t going anywhere.

This time around we have the same hemming and hawwing, except it is starting to look more and more like the team will continue without him.  Unless they keep him and he really turns it on – we don’t have another Calder candidate on our roster.

While they kept the puck out of the empty net, for the second game in a row, the Buffalo Sabres could not front enough of an offensive effort – and the Capitals were the last team with a win in the column, but ensure that the week starts with every team with at least one win.

Buffalo continues to struggle, and drop three in a row – falling closer and closer to the bottom of the standings.



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  • AJ Haller

    The Sabres just don’t look good right now in general and Vanek’s absence was too noticeable today. Pominville and Hodgson did nothing without him . I don’t think the team is good enough to get rid of Grigorenko right now. He hasn’t done anything spectacular for us yet but neither has anyone else other than their first line. And you cant really talk about him being a part of the team’s “success” because they really haven’t had much at all this season. It cant come from just him especially in his first 5 games in the league. The team needs to do a lot more