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Patrick Kaleta Not Traveling To Boston

It is the type of game he plays – but Patrick Kaleta usually misses a certain amount of time each season due to injury.

This year, the first injury for the Buffalo Sabres home town player wasn’t because of his style of play, but because of a questionable hit from behind by Mike Brown in last night’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

While he was whistled for boarding, the Buffalo Sabres caught the additional penalties as Mike Weber received matching penalties to Browns, and was lost for a 10 minute game misconduct.

Patrick Kaleta spent the night in the hospital ad will not travel with the team to Boston where the Sabres play tomorrow night.

This is the fourth or so questionable hit on the Buffalo Sabres this year, and the first resulting in a major injury to one of their players.  None have been reviewed by the National Hockey League for supplemental penalties.

While Patrick Kaleta has not been an offensive threat to the opponents of the Buffalo Sabres – he has represented a bit of grit, and has logged some significant minutes on special teams and five on five for the Buffalo Sabres.  His presence will be missed tomorrow night as the Boston Bruins pose a significant threat as one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.

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  • Kevin

    The hit was a cheap shot in my mind. And made me question the fact that that kind of stuff wasn’t supposed to happen anymore with as promised. On top of that, other than Mike Weber nobody laid a hand on a Maple Leaf the rest of the night. If you can’t take it out on the guy who did it, make one of his teammates pay Old school police work..

  • Andrew

    Great. This means more doses of Ellis. Ugh.