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Questions For Ted Black- Blogger Summit

It’s been a rough start to the year for the Sabres who have dropped the last 7 of 8 games and sit in 14th in the Eastern Conference. Fans have lots of questions about the Sabres and tonight is your opportunity to submit questions for Ted Black regarding the Sabres organization.

The Buffalo Sabres will be holding another Blogger Summit tonight. During the first intermission of the game, several Sabres bloggers including writers for Sabre Noise will

have an opportunity to meet and talk to Ted Black. There will also be a suggestion box for questions and comments after talking to Black.

We want our readers’ voices to be heard, so we are asking you to submit your questions for Ted Black or the Sabres organization either in the comments below or on twitter @HockeyLife30. We will pick some of the best ones and send them to the Buffalo Sabres so your questions can be answered.

Please try to avoid any questions about Lindy Ruff- they’ve made it clear he isn’t going anywhere – or any individual players like Tyler Myers. Ted Black’s primary focus is the “business of hockey.” Things will be focused on the off-ice aspect of the Sabres tonight, so try and ask questions about that kind of stuff.

Submit your comments for an opportunity to have them answered by Ted Black!

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  • David Zobrist

    Seriously you just asked fans to not talk about the most talked about thing in the city? Do you care that you’re alienating drones of fans. The on ice product is the ONLY thing that truly matters. Im starting to get aggravated as a fan with this business model.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Ted Black’s primary focus is not about the players- he handles the business of hockey. Darcy Regier focuses on the on-ice product. We are talking to Black not Regier so any questions regarding the on ice product are pointless.

      • conor conner

        Seems pointless to have him on then. What could anyone want to ask him anyway ? where the Sabres buy their panties and dresses?

    • Timothy Redinger

      The Buffalo Sabres have made it very public that they are not going to be getting rid of Darcy Regier, and Regier has said he is not getting rid of Lindy Ruff. The team is overwhelmed with such emails and questions on a daily basis through the many media outlets.
      I am one fan that is growing increasingly weary of having both Ruff and Regier with an unlimited amount of get out of free cards – and hope for change as well.

      • Ron Toczek

        Yet a week or so later Ruff was fired.