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Ville Leino Leading From The IR

As Ville Leino skates with his team for the first time in a long time, is the winger calling out his teammates from the sidelines?  It sure sounds like it.

Having never been through a coaching change in his career, it almost sounds like Leino is sticking up for former Buffalo Sabres coach Lindy Ruff.

“It’s not always the coach, a lot of times it’s the players too.”  Was Leino’s reaction after practicing with his team.

I saw a hilarious post on facebook when it was reported that Leino was skating again – it labeled him as the savior of the season.

Lookout Here Comes Leino

Leino describes that part of the problem is the team needs to have higher demands and keeping each other accountable.  Maybe the wine and roses of being one big happy family isn’t the answer to bringing a Stanley Cup to the organization that has spent 41 years and having really only three good runs at the cup.

A little dissention in the locker room might just be what the doctor ordered, and if Ville Leino is going to put Drew Stafford up against his locker because he hasn’t scored all year and wants answers, well I am inclined to hand the leadership of the team over to him.  I am not saying he should be annointed the captain of the team, but what a move that would be.

He was signed by the Buffalo Sabres when the team knew they were out on the Richards signing – and if he is going to lead in that fashion and tell the team exactly what the problem is, maybe a shuffle of the leadership letters is in store.  If new head coach Ron Rolston still wants the nice guy approach somewhat, your assistant captains can be Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville.

If Leino wants to come back and be the fire and brimstone leader that the team most desperately needs, I am all for giving him a shot to captain this team.  Drew Stafford can go from being a leader which hasn’t worked out all that well, and he can go back to being a four million dollar class clown, a role that he so much enjoys filling on this team.

Ok – so there is a little bit of sarcasm in hearing these comments from Ville Leino – and I know I am going to here it in the comments about wanting to make him the captain of the team, but at this point – why not?

Leino is close to returning to the ice for a regular shift after being sidelined in training camp with a hip injury.

Would you give Ville Leino a shot at the captaincy?

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  • Kevin

    Time will tell, not ready to vote him in just yet without proof he’s not another windbag slacker.

    • Timothy Redinger

      True, havent seen much of the on ice to prove him worthy of captain status. He still has a lot to prove – but it can’t be a worse option than what we have.

  • [email protected]

    If your going to make a change, the “C” should go to Ott

  • Rich Poyfair

    If he’s ready to go out there and light things up, I say give him the “C”. What is going on right now isn’t working….

  • scott Laboch

    The Sabres need to make a few trades for a few proven leadership players. I hate to say this cuz Buffalo is my team, but they suck!
    If we don’t make any trades, then give the ‘C’ to Miller. ….or Leino, if he can prove himself!!

  • sam

    He played like shit last year so no..if he comes out on fire then sure but wait and see before assuming things

  • Colin William Gallagher

    We’re talking about the same Ville Leino who complained about being asked to play center, who complained that he wasn’t getting enough PP time, and pitched in 25 points last year right?

  • Tom

    I think the Sabres have bigger problems than who’s wearing what letter on their jersey. Maybe learn how to win some faceoffs or not turn the puck over in their zone… Game after game I see the Sabres out skated. Oh and bench Hecht, anyone from Rochester would fill his spot better.