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Anaheim Ducks Sign Corey Perry - What Now With Bobby Ryan

There is plenty to celebrate in Anaheim these days, especially for Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, who inked 8 year deals keeping them in an Anaheim Ducks sweater through 2021.It does limit what else the Ducks can do with the rest of their roster.  Tune in to the rest of the National Hockey League as the Bobby Ryan rumors kick right back up.  Will Anaheim trade him prior to the end of his contract – or will they let him play it out and test free agency?

Ryan will have two years remaining on his deal with the Anaheim Ducks after this season.

Should the Buffalo Sabres make a run at Bobby Ryan

If you would have asked me this question last year during the push for the playoffs, I would say most definitely.  Why wouldn’t the Buffalo Sabres want to bring in a guy that could make them a better hockey team?

This time around though, I am more on the fence about whether or not you make a trade for  Bobby Ryan.  With Ryan on the roster, the Anaheim Ducks have around 50 million of the 64 million dollar salary cap next year already spoken for.  They have five players hitting unrestricted free agency after this season and there restricted free agents to bring under contract, and have only about 14 million dollars (roughly) to work with.

While moving Ryan frees up another 5 million, the Ducks also have backup goalie Viktor Fasht taking up 2.9 million dollars.  The Ducks could shop him around the draft to further free up some more space.

With all the problems in Buffalo – would Ryan want to come hear and toil away the final two years of his contract?  With no clear picture from management about the future direction of the team – do they stand any chance in extending his contract if he does manage to land in Buffalo?

It could be an interesting move for Ryan – come to Buffalo and play with Thomas Vanek and have the ability to be the guy that a team is built around.  You have a better chance at courting him to a team that is closer to winning the Stanley Cup than preparing for a fire sale.

Buffalo will have to rely on a trade to bring in higher caliber players to rebuld this team, as every thing done since Pegula took over the team to make Buffalo a destination for players, has been undone by the current season.  We can only hope that the quick turn arounds last year in Florida and this year in Montreal help the Buffalo Sabres get out of the basement picture in one off season.

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  • Troy Berkely

    I just don’t see a lot happening on this front. First off, the Sabres have to address who their GM is going to be. Second, they also have to address their salary cap issue, as they are near the limit, in spending thanks to Regier. Either way, a fire sale means a fire sale, which most likely is going to mean picks instead of taking on more over-sized salaries for players that may or may not pan out. This team needs more than players, it needs a complete adjustment in philosophy in which they will build upon. I am not sure I feel confident in letting Regier making anymore of those decisions, as he has been trying the last 16 years, to do the same thing over and over again and it simply is not working. There is not one player in this league that is going to fix the problems of this team. First things first, hire a GM who can assemble a Championship team, one who can evaluate talent for today’s game. That GM also has to know the value to fit the teams bottom line without overspending on players that handcuffs the organization to addressing other needs in the future. ( see Leino, Stafford) While its nice to dream about players that would look good in a Sabres uniform, its not realistic to expect that making trades is going to change the losing culture of a team as a whole. You always cut the snake off at the head to eradicate the bad venom that has been circulating as plague!