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Would the Buffalo Sabres Be Interested In Bringing Derek Roy Back

Well if you actually got past just the title and have continued reading, you’re thinking one of two things:

1)  I am an idiot,  or

2)  Why would the organization even tender such an offer.

To let you know, I am in category number two.

I was very public on this site, even going so far to call Derek Roy a cancer in the locker room, to which I endured some harsh criticism.

It’s ok, I am tough.  I can take it.  I’ll even say it again – Derek Roy was a cancer in the Buffalo Sabres locker room.

The fact that I read this on someone else’s site while I was getting my afternoon fix of hockey news made me spit hot coffee out all over my desk and computer.  Who in their right mind would want to even entertain the concept of bringing Derek Roy back onto the roster?

Sure, Lindy Ruff is no longer here, and we all know that Roy and the former head coach of the Buffalo Sabres didn’t get along – but his teammates didn’t do well with him either.

Think back to last season, the team was struggling – he got hurt, and Thomas Vanek went on a tear and the team almost made the playoffs.  This year started without Derek Roy and Thomas Vanek goes on a tear to start the season.

Now the  Buffalo Sabres have done a few things that have a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering why general manager Darcy Regier still has a job.  Resigning Jochen Hecht despite three concussions and no score sheet production in a long time.  Trading away a solid defensive prospect in T.J. Brennan for a fifth round draft pick.

Bringing Derek Roy back to this team is an obsurd notion – and would only be entertained by someone who has absolutely no agenda to win hockey games or start fresh.

Do You Bring Derek Roy back for veteran depth at center

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I don’t care if he is the only center on the unrestricted free agency list and you have a need at center so great you have none on your team what so ever – there is no way you bring Derek Roy back to this organization.  There is a reason why people are looking for a firesale and a fresh start – not to bring back players who were whisked away via trade because no one wanted him in your organization.

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  • PaulR

    I like to hear provocative ideas like this.

    I heard that Gaustad was extremely disliked by some in the locker room, not Roy – who knows, its all hearsay….

    Anyway, Roy, Connolly, Pominville – they are all of a type. The first two of course have a reputation as partiers, where as Pominville is a serious guy – but otherwise, they all have skill, but don’t want to to do any dirty work (go into the slot, battle in front of the net, forecheck hard) to try and score goals.

    The Ott-for-Roy trade was the best thing Regier has done recently. There is NO reason to bring Roy back, even if he played for league minimum.

  • Kevin

    I heard Anaheim is interested in him as 2nd line center. I say he was shown the door for a reason, and to add to that Dallas doesn’t want him anymore either. What does that say?