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Oh Captain! My Captain!

How will the Buffalo Sabres handle the situation now?  With former captain Jason Pominville traded to the Minnesota Wild, the Buffalo Sabres have a vacancy at the primary on and off ice leadership position.

Will the real Steve Ott please stand up.

In return for Jason Pominville, the Buffalo Sabres recieve center Johan Larsson and goalie Matt Hackett.  It was likely time for Jason Pominville to leave Hockey Heaven and move on to another team.  Nothing against Jason Pominville the player, but as a captain he was the wrong choice for the Buffalo Sabres.

Former Buffalo Sabres defenseman said in an interview in St. Louis that his former locker room felt like the grim reaper was in the room.  That falls squarely on the captain, who prefered the “mellow” leadership style.   Changing the hockey acumen of the Buffalo Sabres will go a long way in retooling this roster.

Trade deadline has passed, but not all trades are announced or become official prior to that time.  The Buffalo Sabres could still have more to report.

Who is your choice to next wear the C of the Buffalo Sabres?

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  • Justin Tosczak

    Please, please, tell me there is picks involved in this trade. I still cannot justify trading Pommer for 2 B+ prospects… I understamd he needed to go, but C’mon.. Gaustad got us a first last year.. Why couldn’t we get a 1st and Larson… Makarov will turn into an Elite goaltender. He is a personal friend of mine, and I know his ethic, and skill.. But that wont be until Miller is done anyway, so what the hell is going on with this team?!

    • Timothy Redinger

      Rumor has it the trade involves a first and a second round pick as well. Odd that nothing has been confirmed and still is only listed as a rumor and a report.

      • Justin Tosczak

        That’s all I see too, but I can’t see anything suggesting draft picks, aside from the fact it is still pending league approval..

    • Thomas 26 Aloisson

      you’re damn right, dude! if pommer is not worth a first rounder – then who is?

  • chas territo

    best wishes 4 a good 2 way player. the wild will be happy 2 have him. too bad he moved laterally. both teams did not do anything better than break even.hoping player sabres picked up turns out good.