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Buffalo Sabres Missing Something In Locker Room

Is it just me or is something more than chemistry and leadership missing from the Buffalo Sabres locker room?

After watching the team last night, I noticed there are a good number of players on the Buffalo Sabres roster wearing some impressive playoff beards. The only problem is, the Buffalo Sabres are one of the furthest teams from the Stanley Cup playoff picture.

Has the organization spent so much money on developing First Niagara Center and the Webster block project that we have forgotten to get the players the right razors in the locker room?  Have their wallets been so effected by the lockout that they can’t afford shaving cream and a good razor?

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a guy in the middle of a thick playoff hunt to let everything go au natural – and I am all for the playoff beard stigma, but when your team hasn’t won the right to don the wild look? Maybe its just a pet peeve of mine, but, mustaches aside – NHL players are usually pretty clean shaven unless they are in the playoffs – or during Movember.

Sure it is pretty petty given the fact that the team is teetering on the edge of a major rebuild, and there are more problems that could be addressed regarding the potential and talent of this team, but the clear picture is, there is no one in the Buffalo Sabres locker room that has played on a championship team.  Sure, there are members of the Buffalo Sabres that were around for the back to back runs at the conference championships – but the locker room is missing someone that can lead this team the distance, to know what it is like to win it all.

Maybe that’s all the team needs, is someone who has been the distance to show the youthful Buffalo Sabres the way and the truth, and how to shave on gamedays.

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  • lee Munn

    I’m sorry Tim.. I usually like your stories… but this one is pretty useless.

  • Andrew

    Maybe they need a Terry Pegula life size cardboard, ala Major League?

  • Troy Berkely

    Are you trying to point out that living in a civilized society, that men should be clean shaven, and that having a beard your not living to the norms of modern metro sexual society? I can understand the leadership issue and that there lacking on this team, but its pointless to be talking about beards, and the need for razors as if to suggest that individuality is not allowed in what is otherwise a meaningless season. Geez for that matter, maybe Pegula should adopt Steinbrenners policy of clean cut and no facial hair, and that would be the reason for curing the ills of an underachieving team. How about talking about a GM trying to fit square pegs into a round holes, or the fact that ownership should be held responsible for the product on the ice by refusing to make changes to his front office? Or getting the players with the experience you talk about? You had me until the beard issue took over, in which should have been less and more about the solution on finding such leaders.

    • Timothy Redinger

      Look like scrubs, act like scrubs, play like scrubs. its an image thing. Kevin Costner said it the best in Bull Durham:

      Your shower shoes have fungus on them. You’ll never make it to the bigs with fungus on your shower shoes. Think classy, you’ll be classy. If you win 20 in the show, you can let the fungus grow back and the press’ll think you’re colorful. Until you win 20 in the show, however, it means you are a slob.

      • Troy Berkely

        Really? So what your advocating is what Hollywood is dictating what is acceptable? American Idol, and what music we should listen to, or what Politician we should elect? Why not go with substance my friend? In the end what is real is what wins! Those who stick what is true to themselves is what chemistry is all about and should be advocated! Sounds a little bit of elitism and conformity! Being truthful to yourself is what attracts similar mind sets. Like positive vs negative! You only attract what you put out into the universe! Is that a concept you do not understand? Cause and effect? I am only asking because you reduce yourself to quoting a Hollywood movie which deserves scrutiny of the shallow values it portrays onto society, when in reality, winning is all about values, quality of the message, the people, and the team concept of making a difference to be inspiring to lift other people? (which Buffalo of all places needs so desperately!) Isn’t that what sports in society should be about? When has winning at all cost forgotten the message of the broader picture? No not Hollywood who can’t practice what they preach, but more or less give us loose virtues portrayed on reality TV, lost in rehab sympathy cases to use their fame for skirting the law, and illegitimate children to be the next generation of nepotism in which expecting not to work for anything in their life while glamorizing criminal behavior. I hardly think using a movie sets an example while in exchange we are losing our dignity of a higher standard in which we all should be striving for is all about because we become loathsome and lazy to care to see the difference as a society. I say to common Americans try not watching too much TV and you might discover that there is life beyond sports, or media for the matter. Problem with America, is that its lost in TV land to be informed what is really real in our own lives today! If the Sabres organization had any sense, which the owner in my opinion is a real person, but is blinded by soothsayers, he might get back to commoners who are the identity of what this storied franchise is suppose to represent! Setting an example with action is much more powerful than some Hollywood image trying to influence what is right and what is wrong! Buffalo and its people are way better and deserve far more than to have their values be portrayed by Hollywood! It is after all what makes Buffalo and its people unique compared to the rest of the country! VALUES!

        • Derek Stykalo

          Wooooo, why the slander against one of the greatest baseball movies of all time? Besides, sounds to me like the author is simply trying to shed a little light on what has been an otherwise dark season for the Sabres and have some off-topic fun.

          I would like to know his stance on Brent Burns and the nasty beard he rocked in San Jose!

        • Timothy Redinger

          Troy – you make some valid points, the bottom line here, you look the part, you act the part. This wans’t intended and being a afront to the way the guys look..more of a pet peeve of mine – hockey players don’t have all that “hollywood” drama that other sports have because of a more clean cut valued persona that the sport attracts.
          Drury changed the culture of the team when he was here, there was no Stanley Cup images in the locker room, the guys weren’t playing for the goal. They put up an image of the Stanley Cup to give the guys a visual reminder. Do they need one, no, every hockey player knows what the end goal is. Its a pyschological thing. The point of the article – someone in the locker room needs to stand up and say – this is the goal, this is the standard. The “shaving” argument was just a lighter point to break up some monotony of a bad season.

          • Troy Berkely

            Fair enough, and I feel ya! I just thought you could have focused on making that point more and driving it home which IMO you didn’t close the deal. I mostly enjoy what you write, but maybe I too failed to see your point as well. While yes there are some glaring issues with this team, standing up for the right things sometimes makes all the difference, and that is what I was trying to say. I would like to focus on the positives, and take away from this season some aspects to build upon, and perhaps for once, we can hope that this franchise gets its collective being together to be able to compete as a contender one day.