EA Sports Releases NHL14 Trailer

While most of us are still knee deep in playoff races and the end of the 2013 regular season, the folks at EA Sports are already teasing us with the newest edition of the classic NHL series, the release of today’s trailer of NHL 14.

Me personally, I will not be running out and buying the newest edition of the game.  I am still content with NHL 13 – and don’t log enough hours on my XBOX to warrant dropping sixty dollars every year just to play with the most up to date graphics, engines or game modes.  My online play isn’t really up to par, with my record against other humans a paltry 15 games under .500.

You can also blame the 2012 Lockout on me not jumping at the chance to buy more NHL gear, I have not spent a single penny on anything NHL related since the lockout started back in September.  I am not part of any merchandise boycott movement, I have just found other ways to spend my entertainment money.

If you are one of the few that pine for the newest version every year – what does the new game hold for you?  Check out Puck Daddy’s writeup on the game for a little bit of insight into the new engines, game modes, and features – that include Enforcer Engine, a Live the Life mode, online season play, and more.   The one feature that has me slightly interested in the new game is the one touch dekes, a facet of the game that I am severly lacking in – and my low goals per game average is evident of that.  I am one of the few gamers that long for the days of NHL 94 when 99 percent of your one timers ended up in the net.

Will you be one of the many that won’t be in to school or work on September 10th to try out the newest hockey game?

Will You Be Calling In "sick" on September 10th?

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