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Are You In For The Long Haul?

The Buffalo Sabres have officially entered the rebuild phase.  The only question is; will fans and players alike have the patience to wait while Darcy Regier, Ted Black, and Terry Pegula figure out what the future of the Buffalo Sabres holds?

Darcy Regier has done little to cement his future in Buffalo – despite the fact that he seems to be in no immediate danger of losing his job.

His Core Is Falling Apart

If the Buffalo Sabres were a nuclear reactor – they wouldn’t be building a multi-million dollar hockey/hotel/retail space on the waterfront.  No, with all things going on in the organization that has quickly dissolved Darcy Regier’s vision of hockey greatness – the Buffalo Sabres should being doing a Cherynobl level evacuation and cleanup.  With uncertainty and turmoil ruling the day as the team cleans out their lockers – it doesn’t appear that Thomas Vanek or Ryan Miller – the only two remaining cornerstones of the former vision of Darcy Regier want to be a part of the future vision of Darcy Regier.

Despite being goaded by the media surrounding the lockers on Saturday – Vanek and Miller were very protective of their words – but said some very powerful statements.

If it looks like a long rebuild, then it probably makes sense for both parties to move on.

You can almost bet that it is going to be a long rebuild process.  Terry Pegula back tracked on his comments about winning the Stanley Cup in three seasons.  He back peddled after realizing what a mess this team actually is.  Now the owner is unclear how long the process is going to take.  Despite the fact that there are teams around the league going from zero to hero amongst their fan bases and in the standings, Terry Pegula seems content allowing Darcy Regier to hand pick the next round of core players to carry the torch in blue and gold.

Considering the players brought in under the new management system – Robyn Regehr was convinced to waive a no trade clause to come here, and was asked to waive it again by the same team that seemed so set on getting him.  Ville Leino has been a bust and is the subject of amnesty buyout rumors.

At age 29 – Thomas Vanek is entering into his prime; and Ryan Miller is seeing the back nine on his career begin at the age of 33.  Neither player can, or wants to waste the best years or end of their career on watching the Buffalo Sabres evolve.

In a teary eyed interview- Miller stated how its a business – and he is Blue and Gold so long that he is under contract- but who knows what the future holds.

What does the future hold? And do you have the patience for a long term rebuild when so many other teams can get it done in one off season?

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