Colorado Avalanche Wins Draft Lottery - Take First Overall Pick From Florida Panthers

The first part of the NHL draft order is set, as the Colorado Avalanche have won the 2013 NHL draft lottery and will select first in the 2013 NHL draft in June.

Sorry to the Florida Panthers, this just wasn’t your year – despite finishing dead last in the league, Florida now taps the second selection in the lottery, still not a bad pick.

The Tampa Bay Lightning, Nashville Predators and Carolina Hurricanes round out the top five selections in this years entry draft, in that order.

The Edmonton Oilers may not know what to do in a draft where they aren’t selecting first overall, but they will select seventh, behind the Calgary Flames.

The Buffalo Sabres will select with the eighth pick – not moving from where they originally were before the lottery which had them with a 3.6 percent chance of landing the first overall pick.  So with the eighth pick in the draft, the Buffalo Sabres will select…..well it could be worse, Darcy Regier could be making the selection, oh wait…to soon?

The New Jersey Devils will pace the carpet after the Buffalo Sabres, and then the Dallas Stars will take to the stage to finish the top ten picks in the draft.

Concluding the non playoff teams, Philadelphia will select, then the Pheonix Coyotes.  Winnipeg and Columbus round out the final two non playoff teams.  The rest of the draft order will be determined in the order that the playoff teams are eliminated from the playoffs.


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