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Darcy Regier Makes Easy Choice

I can’t say that I am shocked that the Buffalo Sabres and general manager Darcy Regier went with Ron Rolston as head coach of the Buffalo Sabres.  I do feel however, that the removal of the interim tag from Rolston is more of Darcy just taking the easy way out.

As a fan fo the Buffalo Sabres, I am tired of that mentality.  I want a general manager that thinks outside the box, that will make unpopular decisions, that makes the hard decisions to bring about a winner.  Ron Rolston was a safe choice, not the right choice.

In the press conference Darcy said that Ron Rolston had signed a multi year deal that started when he took over the team back in February.
Why gloss the fans over with an interim tag all year then, with the hopes that he was just biding the time behind the bench while we looked for a real coach?

The biggest thing that I am miffed, no, I am not miffed, I am really pissed at the fact that there was no other discussion of bringing a different coach on board.  They stuck with what they had.  And sticking with what we have had has gotten us 16 years of Darcy Regier making the same calls, building the same teams.  I only give Darcy credit for one thing, and that was envisioning a team that could compete out of the lockout.  We took the league over in the two years following the lockout, but Darcy could never put the team over the edge.  You can attribute that also to a fair amount of luck, that the league actually called the rule book the way it was supposed to, allowing Darcy’s team to prosper.

The players, in their exit interviews expressed how much they liked the new interim head coach, that they enjoyed playing for him.  I think that is only part of the equation.  Sure – you want your coach to be liked by the players to a point – but if that is the biggest qualifier you have for not looking around at other options.

This team is headed down a rocky path.  There are troubled times ahead.  Darcy wants us to have patience as he rebuilds this team into a winner.

I say Darcy Regier, you have tried my patience for 16 years, I am ready to try something new – and your not part of it.

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