NHL Bracket Busting - Round 2

Round 2 is scheduled to start tonight – how did the writers of SabreNoise fair in the first round of the challenge?

Andrew is still in the hunt for the prize, as he has Chicago and Pittsburgh in the final frame!  He didn’t get all the winners in the first round – but his final two are still alive.

Round 2
PIT def OTT 4-2
WAS def BOS 4-3
CHI def LAK 4-2
ANA def VAN 4-1
Round 3
PIT def WAS 4-2
CHI def ANA 4-2
Coupe De Stanley
CHI def PIT in a thrilling Game 7 OT victory.
Thanks to the Detroit Red Wings – Rich has been eliminated from the tournament.  He had Anaheim outlasting all to win the Stanley Cup.  Better luck next year Rich!
Like Andrew, Kevin didn’t get all the picks right in the first round – but his final two are still alive, so he could still be crowned this year’s SN champion.
2nd Round:
Chicago def San Jose 4-2
Anehiem def. St. Louis 4-1
Pitt def. NYR 4-2
Montreal def. Boston 4-3
3rd round:
Chicago def. Anehiem 4-3
Pitt def. Montreal 4-2
Stanley Cup
Pitt def. Chicago 4-3
Cory wanted to see the Blues in the final – but that won’t happen – but he has the Penguins winning it all – so he has a slim chance at being the winner.

Round 2:

PIT def NYR 4-3

BOS def MTL 4-2

CHI def DET 4-1

STL def VAN 4-2

Round 3:

PIT def BOS 4-3

STL def CHI 4-3

Cup Finals:

PIT def STL 4-1
Travis is in the same boat, and thanks to a Game 7 meltdown, his pick for the Eastern Conference is no longer in the process.

Round 2:

PIT def TOR 4-2

WAS def MTL 4-2

CHI def SJ 4-1

STL def ANA 4-3

Round 3:

WAS def PIT 4-2

CHI def STL 4-1

Cup Finals:

CHI def WAS 4-2
Caitlin has Los Angeles winning back to back Cups – will she live to see next round?
Rd 2.
Boston def. Pittsburgh in 7
Washington def Montreal in 5
LA Beats Chicago in 7
Detroit beats San jose 6
Rd 3.
Boston defeats Washington in 6
LA beats Detroit in 6
LA vs. Boston
LA wins in 6
Leading the way right now, picking all but one series correct, AJ Haller!
Round 2:
CHI def DET 4-2
LAK def SJS 4-1
PIT def OTT 4-2
BOS def WSH 4-3
Conference Finals:
CHI def LAK 4-2
PIT def BOS 4-3
Cup Finals:
CHI def PIT 4-3
Mark Huss had Washington win it all, so he joins Rich on locker cleanout day.  Better luck next year Mark!
The New York Rangers did me proud, and both of my finalists are still alive, despite my first round bracket not looking the greatest.  Can the Rangers win it all?  Or will Chicago help me win this years bracket contest?
Round 2
Chicago defeats Los Angeles 4-2
Anaheim defeats San Jose 4-3
Boston defeats Pittsburgh 4-2
New York Rangers defeat Montreal 4-2
Round Three
Chicago defeats Anaheim 4-2
New York Rangers defeat Boston 4-3
Stanley Cup
Chicago defeats NYR 4-2

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