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Daily Poll: Should the Buffalo Sabres Design a New Jersey and/or Logo?

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Yesterday, the Dallas Stars unveiled their new jersey design, complete with a new logo (the super-sized D imposed on top of the star) and a revamped color scheme.

I’m not a Dallas Stars fan, so I’m not going to get into the debate of whether I like the new look or not.  That’s for people in Dallas to figure out!  However, this announcement did get me thinking – more accurately, re-thinking – about the current look of the Buffalo Sabres.

It’s a question that has been in my head for a while now: “Should the Sabres consider a facelift?”  Personally, I love the blue and gold jerseys, but have always wanted to see the Sabres wear a gold jersey, at least a handful of times a year, sort of like the jersey worn by the Nashville Predators.  And while I don’t mind the logo, I would be interested in seeing new designs to consider the possibility of sprucing it up a bit.

I have no desire to return to the gaudy (in my opinion) black and red look that many of us associate Dominik Hasek with – but maybe you do.  I still have a jersey with the Buffa-slug on it, and I don’t mind that – but many fans hate it.  There are a lot of options out there, so I tried to include many in today’s poll – but if you have an idea that is not represented, vote “Other” and share your idea below in the comments section!  Enjoy!

Should the Buffalo Sabres roll out a new jersey design and/or logo?

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  • Bill Stowers

    I say deffinately keep the blue and gold. The black and red looked horrible in my oppinion. The blue and gold looks classy and tasteful. As for me i didnt mind the buffaslug and i also like the crest we have now as well. Howeever i think something that eccentuates the actual sword would be cool. After all we are the buffalo sabres, not the buffalo buffalos. But thats just my oppinion.

  • Patrick Helper

    Rumor has it a 3rd jersey is coming out. I’d like to see that before redesigning everything.

    • Richard Spalding

      I really would like one that is prominently gold. So nice.

      • Patrick Helper

        I don’t think they will go with blue again. Gold would be a nice change. I just hope the Sabres don’t flip the colors and that’s it. If they are going for a 3rd, make it different from any thing we have had before.

  • davidmuscalo

    I voted no, but there is a small change I would like to see. The current logo shows the bison facing to the left which is really backwards; it should be facing forward to the right.

  • Lou Carey

    I’m an old timer and long for the days of just plain tradition. Let’s just leave well enough alone!

  • Mike Lach

    They should bring out a Gold jersey that uses an enlarged version of the shoulder emblem of the B with sword through it.

  • Matt Nolan

    They should do the goat in blue and gold

  • [email protected]

    I hated the black and red. I’m all for teams changing things up log wise, but Buffalo Sabres are blue and gold. The red and black reminded me too much of Chicago Blackhawks jerseys. As far as the slug goes, I refuse to let my GF wear any slug logo stuff when we go to games.
    I don’t really like the Dallas redesign, it looks like if Anaheim and Dallas jersey’s had a bastard child, this it what it would be.

  • Jedi13

    Keep the current updated original logo we have now then lighten the dark blue we currently wear a shade or two. (it looks black onTV) It doesn’t have to be as bright as the Sabres original blue but does need to be a shade or two lighter. Then lose the piping on the front of the jerseys and the sweat stains under the arms as well and Buffalo’s uniforms will be complete again and close to the original look, with only a slightly darker shade of blue and slight logo alteration. Keep the draw string neck line too, it looks old school.