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Daily Poll: Should the Buffalo Sabres Design a New Jersey and/or Logo?

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Yesterday, the Dallas Stars unveiled their new jersey design, complete with a new logo (the super-sized D imposed on top of the star) and a revamped color scheme.

I’m not a Dallas Stars fan, so I’m not going to get into the debate of whether I like the new look or not.  That’s for people in Dallas to figure out!  However, this announcement did get me thinking – more accurately, re-thinking – about the current look of the Buffalo Sabres.

It’s a question that has been in my head for a while now: “Should the Sabres consider a facelift?”  Personally, I love the blue and gold jerseys, but have always wanted to see the Sabres wear a gold jersey, at least a handful of times a year, sort of like the jersey worn by the Nashville Predators.  And while I don’t mind the logo, I would be interested in seeing new designs to consider the possibility of sprucing it up a bit.

I have no desire to return to the gaudy (in my opinion) black and red look that many of us associate Dominik Hasek with – but maybe you do.  I still have a jersey with the Buffa-slug on it, and I don’t mind that – but many fans hate it.  There are a lot of options out there, so I tried to include many in today’s poll – but if you have an idea that is not represented, vote “Other” and share your idea below in the comments section!  Enjoy!

Should the Buffalo Sabres roll out a new jersey design and/or logo?

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