Daily Dasherboard Friday, June 7: National Donut Day Edition!

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Somewhere, some time ago, some intrepid soul was enjoying himself on the best day of the week, but he wasn’t fully satisfied.  There was something missing in his life; some void that needed to be filled.  “How can I make the best day of the week even better?”  he was saying to himself.  And then it occurred to him: what if he could convince coffee shops all around the world to hand out a free donut to every customer one day a year?   That would make any day just a little bit better, and when it just so happened that this donut day fell on a Friday . . . well, life just doesn’t get better than that.

So here I am, enjoying the free donut I got at Dunkin Donuts this morning on a Friday morning.  Hope your day has started off as good as mine has!  Let’s get to the links.

You know whose day could become better than mine, in a hurry?  Fans of the Vancouver Canucks, according to Eklund over at Hockey Buzz.  I will follow this story closely!

You know whose day is NOT starting off as good as mine?  That would be the Los Angeles Kings, who lost a close one last night 3-2 to the Chicago Blackhawks.  Bleacher report breaks down the game for those of you who missed it.

Speaking of donuts – wouldn’t it be shocking if the Pittsburgh Penguins put a donut up on the Eastern Conference Finals scoreboard by getting swept, 4-0, by the Boston Bruins?  Boston seems to be poised to do just that – and more?

People who think that American football has the toughest players in the world have donuts for brains – check out this story to see how tough NHL hockey players REALLY are.

I’ve written an awful lot about the Buffalo Sabres building a culture of winning, and many people assume that in order to do that, you have to land top-tier talent.  Well, yes . . . but as Stu Hackel points out, it takes more than just talent to win Lord Stanley’s Cup.

As always, I like to leave you with some Sabres-specific links.  Here’s one from Garth over at Hockey Buzz, discussing the possibility of the Sabres’ making a play for the fifth slot in the draft . . .

. . . and my last link of the day is also from Garth, this one about an exciting young goaltender.  Enjoy your Donut Day!

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