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Daily Poll: How Close are the Buffalo Sabres to Being Playoff Material?

Sabres fans, are you starved for playoff hockey, or what?

Don’t try to play the, “We don’t know what you’re talking about” game with me.  I saw this article that you were trying to keep from me: “Buffalo Finishes Fourth in U.S. in TV Ratings for Game One of Stanley Cup.”  

Yeah, you thought I’d never find that, but I did.  It’s my job to dig up dirty little secrets like that, dear readers, so in the future, don’t even bother.

Reading that article, I have to say I was more than a little bit surprised to discover that, not only was Buffalo the city with the fourth highest ratings, it was actually ranked number one among cities that did not have any tangible connection to the teams playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

That’s impressive.  There are an awful lot of cities out there, in case you had not noticed, many of which have much larger populations.  The fact that so many people in Buffalo are tuning into watch a Stanley Cup Finals they have no true vested interest in speaks volumes about Sabres fans: we love hockey, whether the Sabres are playing or not.

Let’s face it, though: we all wish we had been able to watch the Sabres play some playoff hockey this year, and as good as the ratings have been for this Stanley Cup, they’ll go through the roof if the Sabres can ever make it back.

First, however, the Sabres have to make it into the playoffs, which is the topic of today’s daily poll: how close would you say the Buffalo Sabres are to getting back into the playoffs?

Some may argue that this team, which at various times this season found itself only 2 points out of a playoff spot, just needs a little tweaking and will be back in the mix next season.

Others (and I would be in this camp) feel that the Sabres are a young team with lots of potential, but since some of their talent is still developing, it will be another 2-3 years until this team starts to hit its stride.

The more pessimistic fans may find it take even longer for this team to make it back to the playoffs, arguing that a total rebuild will take 4-5 years at least to mold the Sabres into a playoff-caliber team, especially if (many would say when) the team loses the talents of Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek.

Time to weigh in, Sabrenation – when do you think the Sabres will be back in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs?

How close, in terms of years, are the Sabres to being playoff-ready?

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