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Daily Dasherboard June 20, 2013

If you missed out on Game Four of the Stanley Cup Finals – you missed an entertaining hockey game between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks – a wild affair that again included overtime.  How would you rate this years Stanley Cup Final compared to previous years?  Neither team is a favorite of mine this year, but I am finding myself wanting to make sure I am in front of my television and have been entertained from first puck drop to final goal.

Danny Briere is set to be bought out of his contract from the Philadelphia Flyers.  Should the Buffalo Sabres consider talking to the former captain to see he is interested in coming back to the Nickel City to finish his career?  [Washington Post].

Are the Buffalo Sabres going to be able to move out of the eighth or sixteenth spot to pick higher in the draft?  Mock drafts are plentiful this time of the year.  Who will go number one overall?  [Bleacher Report].

Colorado not taking Seth Jones to focus more on offense - is Joe Sakic tipping his hand or will Seth Jones still end up in Florida?  How will Colorado’s action at number one effect the draft overall?  [Edmonton Journal].

Boston’s defense was not up to the challenge of stopping the Chicago offense.  Boston needs to get back to playing their game.  [Bleacher Report].

The CHL wants to ban overseas goaltenders.  Is Corey Crawford’s glove hand another sign of weakness of Canada to fill the net with quality goaltenders?  [Wall Street Journal].

Buffalo took the easy way out when it came to naming their new head coach.  Will that hurt them in the ability to bring in quality assistant coaches for the 2013-2014 season?  [Die By The Blade].

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